If you'd like to give me feedback or suggestions on the campaign, or would like to notify me of your participation or contribute a graphic, please fill out the form below. If you have a question, please check the Frequently Asked Questions first. If you prefer, you can also send me email at: campaign AT anybrowser DOT org (written out to prevent spam). Note that I get a ton of email and have very little time to spend answering mail, so I can't guarantee a response (and it's unlikely to be timely if you get one) but I do try to get back to folks eventually.

If you'd like to chat with others about the campaign or web technologies, or ask for input on your site accessibility, you can visit the Any Browser Forum.

Note: The only language I speak fluently is English. The other languages the site is in were translated by volunteers. If you send me a message in a language other than English, I am unlikely to be able to understand and answer it.

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