Campaign Graphics & Slogans

I invited people participating in the campaign to go ahead and create other graphics to be used with this campaign, and a lot of people did, so you now have a nice selection of graphics to choose from when displaying one on your page. The creators of the graphics below have given permission for you to use any of the below graphics to show that your site is participating in the campaign for a non-browser-specific WWW. If you would prefer not to add any graphics to your page, another option is you add a text link to the "Any Browser" site, using one of the phrases that the graphics available have, or creating your own message. If you create a graphic for the campaign, please let me know if I can provide it for public use. I am especially interested in receiving versions of these graphics translated into other languages for use on non-English pages (of which there are many participating in the campaign).

I realize that many people participating in the campaign use "Best Viewed" or "Enhanced for" graphics for specific browsers in conjunction with the "Any Browser" graphics. If you are doing this, I recommend that you use one of the graphics that emphasizes viewability with any browser rather than one that says "Best Viewed With". You're welcome to do whatever you like, but following this recommendation may help to keep visitors to your page from getting confused.

Let me know if you have any more graphics, questions, comments, or suggestions.

Graphics Designed For This Campaign:

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Fill out your requirements below to find graphics you can use on your site. Only the format and language fields are required. You can do a blank search to get all graphics in whatever language you select.

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Textless Graphics

If you'd like to use your own slogan for the campaign (especially if you'd like to translate an existing slogan into your preferred language), you might want to use one of the textless graphics below. You can either put your own text around them, or edit the graphic in your preferred editor and add it right onto the button.

Textless Graphic With *
Courtesy of Jim Kingdon (1.1 K)

Textless Graphic
Courtesy of Jon Lawton (.5 K)

Textless Graphic
Courtesy of Brad (1.5 K)

Suggested Slogans

These are some suggested slogans that have been sent in that you may want to use in making your own graphics:

  • "All browsers support the internet, and this internet site supports all browsers" -Jacob Ozolins
  • "B.Y.O.B." (Bring Your Own Browser) -Tom D.